RADO Solid & Bicolor Persian Cattery - Развъдник за персийски котки



It all started on a cold winter's day in 2001 when I went to a local breeder to pick up my very first cat. The moment that door opened I was mesmerized for life.

rado is a small cats family of solid and bi-colored Persian cats including the tabby pattern, residing in the coastal city of Varna, north-eastern Bulgaria.

My prefix was registered in CFA in 2007 when I championed the boy I had at the time (Aftabi x Jadon) preceding a few years in FIFe as the only organization I had access to.

I do not breed cats for a living, so keeping a small program is essential. The offspring I don't keep for myself I prefer pacing as pets - to be spoiled and loved.

I am forever thankful to my family whose support throughout the years allowed me to have my hobby running as well as the friends that I made without whom this experience could not be the same.

Rado Kolev



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